The MOD and QinetiQ working together to provide Defence Test & Evaluation and Training Support Services

MOD West Freugh

MOD West Freugh Range is on the southwest coast of Scotland and occupies some 750km² of airspace, 380km² sea area, and 12km² land area (comprising hard and soft target areas). The runways are disused and unlicensed but available for military exercises.

As well as providing land and sea impact areas, the Range offers deployable systems and a wealth of expertise.

Deployable systems enable the augmentation of existing infrastructure or can help to instrument a ‘greenfield’ site, from deploying a system with a team of operators to planning and delivering a complete T&E or training programme. The Range can meet customer requirements for military training, bombing, lasers, UAV testing or a parachute drop zone, using fixed and/or mobile capability.

MOD West Freugh facilities include:

  • Air Danger Area: About 750km² activated by NOTAM up to 35,000 ft.
  • Sea Danger Area: About 380km² covered by local bye-laws.
  • Land Danger Area: About 12km² covered by local bye-laws. This includes:

    • Hard Target Area of about 1,200m x 400m
    • Soft Target Area of about 900m x 300m
  • Runways: 6,000ft main runway with 3,000ft secondary runway.
  • Deployable instrumentation and tracking

The controlled environment provides the capability to conduct a variety of airborne and ground activities:

Community information regarding the MOD West Freugh Range is available on the MOD West Freugh website.

MOD West Freugh