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MOD Loch Goil / MOD Loch Fyne / Grove Point

The MOD Loch Goil and MOD Loch Fyne sea Ranges are situated in the Firth of Clyde area in the west of Scotland.

Loch Goil is a tributary loch off Loch Long, near RNAD Coulport and HMNB Clyde. The geographical features of the loch make it an ideal environment for acoustic trials.

MOD Loch Goil Range is in nominal water depth of 80m and used primarily for static ranging of all classes of vessels and underway ranging of surface vessels.

MOD Loch Goil can also provide an open water area for trials that require the vessel to be moored between a four-point mooring. The Target Echo Strength and Sonar Beam Pattern signatures are measured here.

The Maytime floating laboratory (including an internal access hatch to the sea, and cranage) can be used for a variety of water-borne experiments, trials and calibration.

The Range at MOD Loch Fyne is in nominal water depth of 140m and primarily used for underway ranging of surface vessels.

Grove Point is located in nominal water depth of 22 metres, used for underway ranging of surface vessels.

These controlled environments are suitable for:

MOD Loch Goil
Douglas Pier
Loch Goil
PA24 8AE

Tel: 01301 703474

Grove Point
(Old Coastguard Lookout)
Grove Point
Grove Road

Tel: 01305 826493

MOD Loch Fyne
QinetiQ Loch Fyne
Hazel Bank,
‎St Catherines,
PA25 8BA