The MOD and QinetiQ working together to provide Defence Test & Evaluation and Training Support Services

Radio Trials

Integrity of radio communications is vital for aircraft and aircraft systems. Security and clarity are paramount, and susceptibility to interference must be kept to a minimum. QinetiQ’s radio trials capability provides high-power radio frequency (RF) testing of aircraft communications, enabling MOD customers to mitigate risk and providing a practical demonstration of compliance to safety and airworthiness requirements.

Measurement services enable ground and airborne testing of aircraft communication, radio, navigation, radar and other radio frequency systems for any size of aircraft.

The capability has three main aspects:

  • A radio communications centre capable of interacting with aircraft systems operating across all transmission modes. It can produce real-time polar plots, capture and interrogate IFF (identification friend or foe) and SIFF (successor IFF) transmissions. It is complemented by a mobile service able to deploy to customer sites whenever EMC testing of complete aircraft systems requires RF stimulation.
  • A secure anechoic test facility that can accommodate fast jet and rotary aircraft, and the largest road vehicles or battle tanks. This is an RF-quiet chamber that can transmit complex wave frequencies, and has a full GPS array.
  • A large night vision system test house that can also accommodate fast jet and rotary aircraft and large road vehicles and tanks. Equipped with night sky projector and equipment, it can replicate star, moon and daylight illumination.

Radio Trials are available at: