The MOD and QinetiQ working together to provide Defence Test & Evaluation and Training Support Services

Platform and Weapons Test & Evaluation

Under the LTPA, QinetiQ supports the development, test and training of complex weapons systems and military platforms, including both fixed and rotary wing aircraft, land and sea platforms.

The LTPA Ranges are available for testing weapons systems to support performance assessment. The controlled environments are suitable for testing a wide range of systems including beyond-visual-range missile systems, precision-guided bombs and machine guns.

The fixed wing capabilities include fast jets and larger aircraft supporting air-to-air and air-to-surface attacks against specially designed target systems, store drops and the exercising of defensive aid suites.

Proving trials can be conducted on new rotary wing aircraft, such as the latest Lynx Wildcat, before they go into service. Activity involves a complete spectrum of activities from the trial releases of sonobuoys and testing defensive aid suites to gun firing against remote-controlled targets as part of training exercises.

Land platforms, such as HVM and Rapier also use the LTPA Ranges for T&E and training. A variety of airborne and surface targets are provided to support these activities.

Sea platforms, such as the Type 45, use the Ranges to exercise modern systems such as Sea Viper, as well as guns.

The LTPA provides environments suitable for testing and training with customers’ numerous navigational systems, radar and optical sensors, including laser designation pods.

Platform and Weapons Test & Evaluation Services are available at: