The MOD and QinetiQ working together to provide Defence Test & Evaluation and Training Support Services

Munitions Safety and Suitability for Service

Munitions can face a diverse environment during their lifecycle so it is essential to ensure that they are safe and suitable for use. Under the LTPA, QinetiQ can safety-test munitions, ordnance and weapons systems. Accident impact assessment can also be undertaken to understand how munitions will respond as a result of an accident, e.g. a fuel fire.

Capabilities include:

  • Defence Ordnance Safety Group (DOSG) qualification tests
  • ESTC classification tests
  • Fast heating (fuel fire) tests
  • Sympathetic detonation tests
  • Rough handling and drop tests
  • Slow heating (cook-off) tests
  • Bullet attack tests
  • Fragmentation and spall impact tests
  • Spigot intrusion tests
  • Environmental test of full-scale live weapons including (1000kg NEQ limit): vibration, shock and handling tests, diurnal cycling testing, temperature, humidity, pressure, sand and dust, rain (driving and free-fall), and immersion tests (fresh water and salt water)
  • Detailed post-test analysis of components
  • Crew protection of vehicles: buried mine, off-route mine and projectile attack

Munitions Safety and Suitability for Service testing is available at: