The MOD and QinetiQ working together to provide Defence Test & Evaluation and Training Support Services

In-Service Firings (GBAD)

The Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) capability offers a range of facilities for operator and weapon system evaluation for their accuracy in protecting against air attack.

Certain of the LTPA sites can support discrete, multiple or mixed weapon platform engagements. Fire units can be fired under tactical conditions or fully instrumented for near real-time or post event analysis.

Aerial targets capable of supporting basic and advanced profiles and Fighter Ground Attack manoeuvres can be supplied. Targets can be flown as singletons, as matched pairs, or as mixed formations, allowing for the tactical evaluation of operators, weapon commanders and threat assessment. Synthetic target facilities also exist for Rapier engagements using real or simulated missiles.

The MOD Hebrides site can also facilitate engagements in Electronic Warfare conditions using standoff airborne jammers.

Opportunities are also available for joint training with UK and NATO forces. When not firing, units can also carry out military dry or live training using the Range training gallery and field firing areas. Adventure and leadership training opportunities are also available.

In-Service Firings (GBAD) is available at: