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Hypobaric Chamber

The Hypobaric Chamber, also known as the altitude chamber, is one of the largest and most capable in Europe. The facility enables assessment of human performance at altitude and the testing of aircraft oxygen life support systems and equipment.

The Hypobaric Chamber can precisely simulate the cabin altitudes of all types of military and commercial aircraft, including gradual or rapid loss of cabin pressure. Typically the chamber is used to assess the effectiveness of aircraft life support systems using both manned and unmanned tests. It is also used for aeromedical research and aircrew training.

An instrumentation port passes through the wall, allowing for atmospheric monitoring of the Chamber.

The Hypobaric Chamber is a three compartment chamber with dimensions of 5.7m x 3.7m x 2.4m which can accommodate up to eight people in the largest compartment.

Hypobaric Chamber is available at: