The MOD and QinetiQ working together to provide Defence Test & Evaluation and Training Support Services

Design and Development

The Design and Development office provides a complete design service for installations and modifications for UK military aircraft, aircraft systems and equipment. Knowledge available covers a wide range of aircraft types, including fast jets, rotary wing, heavy aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles, along with equipment and systems installed either inside or outside the aircraft.

Through the LTPA, customers have access to a full range of design capability, including mechanical design, electrical design, stress analysis and electrical systems integration. Completed designs are issued with a design certificate under a Design Approved Organisation Scheme (DAOS) accreditation.

The flight test instrumentation team designs and builds bespoke instrumentation systems to support flight trials and advanced training at the Empire Test Pilots’ School (ETPS). Instrumentation systems include signal conditioning, data processing and image systems for video and stills photography. These systems are a combination of commercial, off-the-shelf equipment and custom electronics designed by an in-house electronics development team. This team is continually developing instrumentation to take advantage of new technologies.

The data systems group processes data from flight test instrumentation systems and interprets results using its own Graphical Data Analysis System (GDAS) software. This group also supports the installation of Accident Data Recorder systems in a wide range of aircraft and assists in the investigation of all air incidents involving UK military aircraft.

Design and Development is available at: