The MOD and QinetiQ working together to provide Defence Test & Evaluation and Training Support Services

Defence Simulation Centre

The interim Defence Simulation Centre (iDSC) provides simulation-based services for UK MOD, including the wider defence community supporting MOD Defence Training and Education Coherence (DTEC) activities. The services focus around the exploitation of existing MOD simulation assets and capability in support of training and education, to deliver efficiencies to MOD through re-use. These services comprise:

  • The provision of a range of technical advice and support services for the use of simulation
  • A repository of 3D visual models, terrain data and simulation software
  • A facility based at MOD Boscombe Down that provides a physical environment with supporting security accreditation, network infrastructure and equipment for users to conduct simulation based activities
  • Test services to conduct DTEC compliance assessments.

The iDSC is centrally funded by Joint Forces Command, through the LTPA, to support MOD users –including Industry and Academia working on MOD programmes – through these services to maximise exploitation of MOD investments in simulation. Delivery of these services allows the iDSC to provide a key role in delivering the tenets of the DTEC rules regarding re-use of simulation in MOD. The DTEC rules have recently been endorsed by MOD to include any use of simulation by MOD, including experimentation, warfare and concept development, and not just those limited to Training and Education.

Enquiries to the iDSC should be made through the MOD-managed Front Door, which includes a website and email enquiry account. A set of useful links are provided below: