The MOD and QinetiQ working together to provide Defence Test & Evaluation and Training Support Services

The Long Term Partnering Agreement (LTPA) is a 25-year contract between MOD and QinetiQ to deliver Test & Evaluation (T&E) and Training Support Services to the UK Armed Forces. T&E is core to all Defence equipment projects in order to ensure the reliability and fitness for purpose of the equipment.

In March 2019 an amendment to the LTPA contract was signed securing the provision of Test & Evaluation until 31 March 2028.

The LTPA is administered for the MOD by the Trials, Evaluation Services and Targets (TEST) Team in Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S). Its primary purpose is to meet T&E and Training Support requirements of the UK MOD, its contractors, and other organisations acting on behalf of the MOD, but it may also be accessed on a commercial basis by authorised third parties including overseas governments and industry.

Under the LTPA, QinetiQ manages 16 core MOD owned sites and is responsible for providing T&E and Training Support services, maintaining associated equipment, land and buildings and for delivering an investment programme to ensure that the capability is maintained and developed to meet the MOD’s evolving needs.

I have checked the capability listing and I can’t see that you do the sort of testing that I’m interested in. Is the listing on this website comprehensive?

Although our website outlines the capabilities we offer please check with us if you can’t see the specific details you are looking for. We are always happy to discuss whether we can meet your requirements.

I have heard that the LTPA is free to use if you work for the UK MOD / Armed Forces, is that true?

No, it’s not free; however, the capabilities, services and facilities available under the LTPA are funded centrally by the UK MOD for use by Front Line Commands, DE&S, Dstl and those organisations working directly to the UK MOD. This means that you may only pay project specific costs.

My company is not based in the UK, would it still be possible to use the LTPA to conduct Test & Evaluation?

Yes, the LTPA services could be available to international customers.

Is it true that the LTPA only tests aircraft and missiles?

The LTPA delivers T&E services across all domains; from simple, to highly complex experiments, demonstrations and rehearsals, in all shapes and sizes.

Can I visit an LTPA site?

Members of the public are not allowed on LTPA sites. In certain circumstances pre-arranged visits may be possible if the necessary permissions are granted. Please contact us on to see if your visit would be viable.

How do I find out about any jobs available on LTPA sites?

All of our jobs are advertised on If you have the skills needed to be part of one of our teams we would love to hear from you.

How do I know when there is going to be firing undertaken on an LTPA range?

Information available to the public regarding range activity for a number of ranges is available below:

If you can’t find what you are looking for please contact

LTPA capabilities, services and facilities are funded centrally by the MOD for use by Front Line Commands, DE&S, DSTL and organisations working directly to the UK MOD. These users only pay for project specific costs. The LTPA services are also available for use by other customers.

QinetiQ is committed to delivering a responsible and sustainable business and is continuing to develop a sustainability framework across the estate and the sites which are managed for the MOD under the LTPA. QinetiQ has set challenging targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste, underpinned by the Environmental Management System (certified to ISO 14001). QinetiQ promotes the protection and enhancement of biodiversity, and positive engagement with the community. QinetiQ helps the MOD to ensure that the LTPA estate is resilient to the impact of climate change and works with suppliers to increase sustainable procurement.

The following areas are just a few of the ways in which this commitment to sustainability is shown:

  • In accordance with the Secretary of State for Defence's Environmental Policy, Sustainability Appraisals are developed to ensure sustainability considerations are implemented into relevant activity including: new/novel operational trials; significant intensification of existing trials activity; the introduction of new capability; and estates maintenance/improvement activities. This process helps identify potential negative impacts, enabling either mitigation measures to be implemented or alternative solutions to be considered, but also identifies positive sustainability benefits and enhancement opportunities.
  • The significant reduction of energy use since 2006 with current targets to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and gain accreditation to the ISO 50001 Standard (Energy Management Systems) and the improvement of waste management performance with just ~10% typically going to landfill and current targets to increase both re-use and recycling;
  • The development of a Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) System at MOD Aberporth, using hydrophones and signal processing capabilities, which is deployed during trials in Cardigan Bay to detect the vocalisations of marine mammals. This reduces the risk of potential harm to these species from trial activities. This work was recognised in the award of MOD Sanctuary's 'Silver Otter' prize in 2013.