Avocet with chicks at Shoeburyness

QinetiQ is committed to delivering a responsible and sustainable business and we are continuing to develop a sustainability framework across our estate and the sites we manage for MOD under the LTPA. We have set challenging targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste, underpinned by our environmental management system (EMS, certified to ISO 14001). We promote the protection and enhancement of biodiversity, and positive engagement with the community. We are helping MOD to ensure that the LTPA estate is resilient to the impact of climate change and are working with our suppliers to increase sustainable procurement.

Key facts on Sustainability

  • We manage sites with a variety of conservation designations (UNESCO World Heritage Site, SSSI, SAC, SPA, Ramsar)
  • We have won three Sanctuary Awards for our conservation work since 2004. This includes the ‘Silver Otter’ Award in recognition of the Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) system developed and deployed at MOD Aberporth Range to mitigate the risk of harm to marine mammals from defence-related T&E and training activity.
  • We have reduced our energy use from 96.7 ktonnes CO2 in 2006 to 49.4 ktonnes in 2014
  • We have increased recycling from 18% in 2006 to 74% in 2014, with just under 10% going to landfill.

Our FY14/15 environmental targets are to

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to UK energy use by 17% by 2020 from a baseline of 2013
  • Consolidate the proportion of UK waste going to landfill at less than 10%
  • Set a number of UK site-specific targets to reduce current waste-to-landfill levels
  • Promote prevention of UK waste via enhanced re-use of assets

Why is sustainable development important to defence?

“Making SD an integral part of all defence business protects and enhances defence capability. Without systematic consideration of SD principles, there is a real risk that defence capability will be threatened as increasing environmental, social and economic pressures exacerbate existing conflicts and have an adverse impact on the operation of our equipment, estate and people. We need to plan for these threats and play our part in reducing their severity.” - MOD spokesman