MOD Pendine

Location of Pendine Range Aerial View of Pendine Range NATO European Regional Test Centre

Pendine range is on the southwest coast of Wales. It provides test and evaluation services throughout the life of systems, from concept to disposal.

The site comprises land-based ranges with an area of 20.5km². It has various enclosed tunnel ranges, a 9km shoreline suitable for aircraft landing training sorties, a large sea danger area extending approximately 18km², airspace up to 23,000ft and a high tidal range of up to 8m.

Pendine has an engineering facility with a design office and workshop, an approved armoury, magazine facility, explosives storage buildings and ammunition processing laboratories.

Pendine’s Long Test Track (LTT) facility, suitable for high-speed dynamic trials, is unique to the UK. It is one of the foremost test facilities in Europe for the dynamic testing of warheads, precision ground attack systems and missile components.

The Pendine range is the UK and NATO European Regional Test Centre (ERTC) and is the recognised facility for the accreditation of small arms and cannon ammunition.

At Pendine, we deliver the following capabilities:


  • Deployable Systems
  • Hybrid Tracking Platform
  • Test & Evaluation Services
  • Weapons & Munitions Testing