Safety and Airworthiness Consultancy

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The UK’s Armed Forces face complex and dangerous challenges on a daily basis, so they need to have complete confidence in the safety of their equipment and aircraft. Numerous legal and regulatory requirements must also be met.

Through the LTPA, we help MOD meet the dual challenges of safety issues and the regulatory maze by providing independent, impartial advice. This frequently involves acting in the formal role of Independent Safety Adviser and/or Independent Technical Evaluator. Some of our MOD clients also use us to carry out safety case development and evaluation, complete systems audits and to provide continuous airworthiness advice.

Our service is based on more than 50 years’ experience in this area. Customers can have confidence in our advice, assurance and support on:

  • Adherence to safety and airworthiness legislation, policies and processes
  • Release to Service (RTS) and military certification
  • RTS management
  • Safety management plans
  • Safety case development
  • Through-life airworthiness management
  • Independent assessment (ranging from desk-top to practical flight test)
  • Operational and equipment safety case assurance

We provide expert technical advice on many aspects, including: weapons, electromagnetic compatibility, safety-critical software, escape systems, air drop, air-to-air refuelling, handling qualities, and ship-aircraft interface. We also provide support to Boards of Inquiry.

Safety and Airworthiness Consultancy is available at:


  • Assuring Military Capability
  • Fitness for Purpose
  • Military Accident Data Recorder Systems