Operational Training

We create large controlled spaces to assess the force effects of military capability

Training is one of the most important factors for achieving success in theatre. Under the LTPA we can offer the space and realism to provide training to the highest levels.

The concept of ‘Training as you fight’ is enabling troops to use exactly the same drills in training as they do in theatre.

Operational training starts with the blank canvas of a secure range, which can be left that way for troops to carry out their own exercises, including the use of live weapons, or we can build up enhancements to the training by adding ‘layers of realism’.

Key features of this service include:

  • Hands-on live weapon releases to maintain currency
  • Live and synthetic training bringing the joint battlespace to the individual unit
  • Recording training events to improve value and effectiveness
  • Segregated, safe and secure training areas
  • Closing the loop; facilitating operational acceptance of equipment along with test and evaluation

The versatile nature of the ranges means we can support a wide variety of activities during training including:

  • Parachute Drops
  • Rough field Landings
  • Combat Search & Rescue
  • Rapid Assault Activities
  • Electronic Warfare exercises

Operational Training is available at: