Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing

Aircraft undergoing EMC testing using mobile facility

Testing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is essential to ensure minimum interference from electromagnetic hazards and maximum compatibility of equipment. Through the LTPA, MOD customers can bring any size of equipment for EMC testing, from individual components to entire vehicles.

We have a large open-area test site that is capable of high-power radiated susceptibility testing over a wide frequency range. We have the ability to transmit over the primary frequency bands of HF, UHF, VHF and microwave, and can accommodate test pieces the size of large aircraft with engines running.

Our capabilities include:

  • A large fixed site delivering high power transmission against the test piece. The site is easily accessible from an active runway and can accommodate test pieces with engines and systems running.
  • A mobile capability delivering low level sweep and bulk current injection testing. This capability is available for operation at customer sites.
  • Electro Explosive Device (EED) testing. We are able to instrument EEDs and subject them to radiofrequency environments and measure their susceptibility.

Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing is available at:


  • Radio Frequency Environment Generator