Aerospace Technology Demonstration & Risk Reduction Services

Fastjet pilot

Experience has shown that the overall cost of an aerospace or system development programme can be significantly reduced by flight testing products at an early stage in the development lifecycle. We can help de-risk your project and accelerate the production process by early demonstration of a system’s effectiveness in the air through the LTPA capabilities.

We have the widest range of flying test beds in the UK, including helicopters, fast jets and heavy aircraft. The instrumented aircraft are specifically equipped with the latest technologies for testing and evaluating prototypes systems in flight. Our Design Approved Organisation Scheme (DAOS) approvals allow us to integrate and flight test pre-production equipment with you or on your behalf. We also have a telemetry ground station enabling information (including video) from the aircraft to be viewed in the control room in real time.

Working in partnership with frontline aircrews and manufacturers, we can increase the technical readiness level of your systems: radars, weapons, and new concepts such as sensor landing systems. If required, we can develop and progress your systems to a level of maturity suitable for deployment in theatre.

Our services include:

  • Desk-top assessment and modelling
  • Practical ground and flight test services (full end-to-end testing from whole aircraft down to aircraft subsystem scale)
  • Trials planning and management

Aerospace Technology Demonstration & Risk Reduction Services are available at:


  • Reducing Procurement Risk