Acoustic Signature Services and Target Echo Strength (TES)

Vanguard class submarine undergoing sonar trials

All maritime platforms have an acoustic signature. This is the noise that the platform displays to the environment, above and below the water. In modern naval warfare it is important to reduce initial detection and hinder target classification. This capability provides the static and underway measurement of surface ship, submarine and autonomous vehicle acoustic signatures.

We can measure systems under dynamic conditions to maximum speed, both on the surface and submerged. Our static range offers a diagnostic and ‘health check’ measuring service. We can assess hull-mounted sonars to identify defects and provide range-prediction algorithms. We also have a transportable multi-influence range (TxR) capable of detecting and gathering acoustic data, which is available for deployment in any suitable stretch of water worldwide.

Target Echo Strength supports hydrophone development and sonar trials using a floating laboratory. This contributes to R&D in towed array calibrations, mine development, hydrophone calibration and full-scale measurements of target echo strength and beam pattern trials on submarines and surface platforms.

Acoustic Signature Services and Target Echo Strength services are available at:


  • Instrumented Maritime Range Services
  • In-Water Acoustic Assessment Services
  • Operational Signature Services
  • Sea Training Services
  • Test & Evaluation Services