In this section we describe the Long Term Partnering Agreement (LTPA) contract for test, evaluation and training support.

MOD website visitors

As this contract is a partnering agreement between MOD and QinetiQ this section is primarily intended for MOD staff and describes how the LTPA contract operates in practice and how MOD teams can make use of it. This contractual information has been password protected to avoid confusion and ensure that it is viewed only by those to whom it is relevant. To view these pages you will be prompted for a password. If you are visiting the pages for the first time you will be asked to supply your MOD email address which will be validated, after which an automatic email will be sent with a password. This process is instantaneous and should only occur on your initial visit to this section of the website.

Non-MOD website Visitors

Under the terms of the LTPA contract, spare capacity associated with the ranges, facilities and capabilities can be supplied to non-MOD customers subject to approval by MOD. This is known as Other Works Approvals (OWA). For this reason some of the pages in this section may be of interest to non-MOD customers and are openly accessible to all.

The commercial process for OWA differs from that described here for MOD customers. If you are a non-MOD customer wishing to discuss any of the capabilities, ranges or facilities displayed on this website you should contact your QinetiQ Account Manager. If you do not have a QinetiQ Account Manager then please contact Caroline Wells, LTPA Secretariat, and she will direct your enquiry accordingly.



  • QinetiQ helps advance ISTAR programme for the UK Army
  • QinetiQ simulation and trials support MOD missile defence advances